8 Free Apps Every Tradie Needs

There are a lot of apps out there these days. There are apps that’ll help increase your productivity, apps to keep in touch with friends and family, and even apps to support you in your procrastination endeavours (guilty as charged).

If you’re a tradie, don’t waste your time scrolling through the App Store trying to find apps relevant to you. We’ve done it for you!

Here are 8 free apps every tradie needs on their phone (we even put in some fun ones)!

1. hipages – Job Board for Tradies

If you haven’t listed your services on “Australia’s #1 site to hire tradespeople”, then you’re missing out on growing your business and connecting with new customers. Hipages connects those lost souls who are searching for someone to help turn their drab home into a dream home.

So get on there – there’s probably a very confused millennial staring at an ugly wall and in dire need of your plastering skills.

Get it for your android device →
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2. Airtasker

Looking for some quick and easy cash for that new Xbox One game? Airtasker is a great platform for those of you looking to help a fellow citizen out and earn some extra cash. All you have to do is sign up for an Airtasker account, make an offer for the task you want to help out with and if accepted, do the work! There are always home improvement and construction jobs on offer.

You can also post up tasks of your own if you ever need an extra hand.

Get it for your Android device →
Get it for your iOS device →

3. Paper

Feeling inspired? Paper is one of those productivity apps that everybody can benefit from. It lets you doodle, sketch, take notes, capture images, create checklists and more. It’s essentially your digital wall of sticky notes – but a wall that you can actually carry around with you.

You can easily share your creations and thoughts with your work mates, customers and even your dog (though no guarantees your dog’ll know what to do with ‘em).

Get it for your iOS device →

4. Houzz

If you haven’t heard of Houzz yet, then you’re definitely missing out on potential customers. Houzz is fast becoming the hub to share home renovation and design ideas. It connects homeowners with local professionals – everything from builders, roofers to interior designers.

Be sure to set up a business profile on Houzz to increase your business visibility! You can follow CSR Connect on Houzz too.

Get it for your Android device →
Get it for your iOS device →

5. Ruler App + Photo Ruler

Nothing beats a trusty tape measure… but just in case you’ve left yours at home or it’s just simply too far to reach, Ruler App + Photo Ruler will have you covered. This app lets you use your phone or tablet to do a quick measure with its calibrated ruler. You can also take photos of objects and it’ll measure it for you.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, Photo Measures is a great paid app that lets you share your measurements and categorise your documents.

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6. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super Bright LED Flashlight

For those times you’re stuck in a roof and can’t find your pliers… Or for those times you’re in need of a midnight snack and need to make your way down the stairs.

This Super-Bright LED Flashlight lives up to its name and is much stronger than the standard torch light that comes with your phone.

Get it for your Android device →

7. SimCity BuildIt

We’ve included a little game to this list because we need a little break now and then. If building things is the apple of your eye, you’ll love SimCity BuildIt. Whenever you’re waiting for paint to dry in real life, you can build your own dream city on your phone or tablet.

Warning: It’s super addictive!

Other city building simulation games that you’ll enjoy include The Simpsons: Tapped Out and From Farm to City: Dynasty.

Get it for your Android device →
Get it for your iOS device →

8. CSR Connect

If you still don’t have CSR Connect on your iOS devices, what are you waiting for? You’ll be saving yourself and your business lots of time. Get instant access to your CSR accounts, download invoices, make payments and more!

A little birdie also told me that there’ll be heaps more features to come on CSR Connect… features that’ll make your work life even easier.

Android App coming soon!

Are there any apps that you’ve found useful to your trade or business? Maybe there’s an app that gives you endless laughs during your down time. We’d love to know! Share it with us in the comments below.

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