It’s hard to believe how much paperwork can be involved in getting a job done. From quotes to invoices, and everything in-between, managing paperwork and communication for many different jobs can take a lot of time. 

Try an easier way– Introducing CSR Connect Jobs, the simple way to track and manage your jobs and CSR paperwork.

The benefits

  • Save time sorting out paperwork: Link all CSR orders, deliveries and invoices for a job site together in a single click 
  • Stay on top of your jobs: Add notes, site plans and other information to help track and manage your jobs or keep photos for future reference
  • Keep your team updated: Jobs are easy to share with teammates in your business to make sure everyone is working from the same page
  • See your job cost: Total CSR spend for each job updates automatically as invoices become available

Track and manage jobs the easy way

How does it work?

  • You can access jobs from the ‘Work’ menu on your Connect Dashboard then the ‘Jobs’ link.
  • Using Suggested Jobs, you can link orders, deliveries and invoices to a job site with just a single-click. Suggested jobs will appear for a site address as soon as you’ve placed an order with us
  • Haven’t placed the order yet? Don’t worry, you can easily setup your own. Click ‘Create Job’ and then enter the details.
  • Once you’ve created a Job, you’ll see your total CSR spend for that job and we’ll manage the paperwork for you.
  • Take a look at your document history to track how your orders for a job are progressing or add extra documents.
  • Add information to your Job such as site plans or photos and record notes as an easy way to keep track of progress.
  • To help coordinate with your team, share jobs with any of your team mates that are using Connect.

If you love these features or have any suggestions to improve Connect, let us know! We’re always working on new ways to make your life easier.

Log in to your CSR Connect account or register today and experience the convenience today!

Forgot your account details? No worries, contact our support team and we’ll be more than happy to help.  1800 909 439 (AU)  0800 277 266 (NZ)

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