Access your Proof of Delivery

Ever find yourself spending too much time calling up customer service and chasing up verification documents for your deliveries?

Well, there’s no time to waste. Processes like that should be done instantly with a click of a button… and that’s what you can do now!

Access to your Proof of Delivery is now available for Gyprock customers on your CSR Connect account, and soon for all our other customers.

Just log in to your account and navigate to the Invoice section. The receipt will appear two weeks after the delivery has been made and you can download it by clicking on an underlined delivery number.

It’s simple to use and it’ll save you the headache of having to call up and chase your POD down.

At this stage, the POD feature is applicable to Gyprock customers. However, as with all the helpful features that CSR Connect are introducing, we’re working on rolling it out for all our other customers.

Log in to your CSR Connect account or register for free today.

Forgotten your password and login details? You can always contact our support team to help you out. 1800 909 439 (AU) 0800 277 266 (NZ)

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