As part of our Connect & Win 3 competition, we asked you what you thought were the best new ideas in the building and construction industry. We thought we’d see lots of mention about drones and artificial intelligence, yet a lot of the answers were surprisingly more towards digital solutions like apps and software or work tools to make your job easier.

Here are your Top 10 best new ideas in the building and construction industry:

10 best new ideas in the building and construction industry

For more details, read below:

#10 – Rondo App

Rondo App

The Rondo App is useful to find out what Rondo products are needed to put up any wall or ceiling design – from determining the number of Rondo products needed for a project, to finding the radius, sweep angle, and length of the arc for architectural plans. You can also get an estimate of the maximum load capacity and measurements for wall or ceiling designs. The app also puts you in touch with distributors in your area so you can source them with the cheapest prices and fastest delivery times.

#9 – Cloud-Based Business Data Software

The use of cloud-based technology is an increasing trend throughout many industries. For building and construction businesses, the benefits of using cloud computing, accounting, and online storage, for example, helps suppliers and customers bridge the gap and do business faster and more efficiently.

There are several cloud-based software available today. Although several concerns have been raised due to the possibility of a security breach of private company information, there’s no denying that the pros of cloud-based apps outweigh the cons. One of the greatest advantages of using cloud software is the elimination of the need to employ or maintain an IT team to constantly update data storage servers.

#8 – Bucket Glove

bucket glove

One of the most useful recent inventions in the construction industry, especially for small-medium contractors, is the Bucket Glove.

Put simply, the Bucket Glove works like a sleeve you can use over your typical mixing bucket. Instead of having to scrape off hardened mixtures from hard buckets, you simply remove the Bucket Glove from the bucket, fold it over itself, smack it several times on the ground, and pour out the broken contents. You can wipe the glove clean with a damp cloth to be ready for your next use.

The Bucket Glove is surprisingly durable. It’s made from silicone rubber and can withstand a hard beating so you can keep on using it for years.

#7 – Gyprock Plaster Accelerator

Gyprock Plaster-Accelerator

For construction projects that are on a tighter deadline, the Gyprock Plaster Accelerator can do wonders to help speed up your progress. It reduces the amount of setting time required for gypsum-based plaster like Cornice Cement and Base Coat. It makes a big difference for smaller projects that need jobs done fast.

#6 – Power Sanders

The power sander takes electric sanders to the next level with its powerful suction mode that reduces fatigue by supporting the weight of the machine when working at heights with exceptional dust collection. The higher-end machines are capable of removing up to 30kg of material per hour. Variable speed and length designs give it the flexibility to be used in a variety of surface areas.

#5 – Automatic Taping Machines


The Automatic Taper helps you apply tape and compound to flat and butt joints on walls, ceilings and corners up to 45% faster than finishing by hand.

#4 – Mobile (Online) Ordering and Price Checking

mobile ordering

The dawn of the Internet has really made a dramatic impact on how people shop today. A decade ago, we probably wouldn’t have imagined that we’d be window-shopping or making purchases from our mobile phones. Now, however, a good portion of people shop online with their smartphones.

It has become increasingly common for people to do price checks and comparisons from their phones. The convenience afforded by technology and the Internet is astounding, and we believe it can only get better from here.

#3 – Electronic/Paperless Invoicing

paperless invoicing

Paperless or electronic invoicing is the delivery of bills by a company or business to its clients using electronic communications. Not only has this revolutionary method of invoicing saved plenty of trees from being cut down, but it has also made billing delivery faster and more reliable.

One common problem with paper invoices is that they tend to get lost, undelivered, or contain plenty of errors. While paperless billing may not be completely perfect, it’s still a gigantic leap up from conventional billing methods.

#2 – FibaFuse Paperless Tape

FibaFuse Paperless Tape

The FibaFuse paperless tape is applied the same way you would with paper tape. The only differences are in the amount of pressure required to embed them and how well it covers dry spots due to its fibrous material. When FibaFuse already contains a compound, it’s still easy to apply to corners with its self-correcting material that lets the compound pass through.

#1 – CSR Connect

Nah, we didn’t rig the votes! Our customers mentioned CSR Connect the most and went into detail about how it made it easier for them to do admin stuff for their business.

CSR Connect is dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for customers. We let you manage your CSR accounts from wherever, whenever, and make invoice viewing, ordering, and making payments as seamless as possible. Certain accounts will also have access to delivery tracking and proof of deliveries (with this feature rolling out to more accounts in the future). It’s so quick and easy to track all your orders through our system.

For even more convenience, it’s available on the go with our mobile app.

Special mention goes to the Monier Elemental Tile

Monier Elemental Tile

“The Monier Elemental Tile is a newly developed composite roofing tile that is lightweight, strong and extremely durable. A best in class, world leading product. Engineered, developed and manufactured by CSR Monier in Australia. It offers many benefits to the installers such as less weight and faster installation times in addition to its outstanding durability.”
– Uwe Kramer, Head of Product Innovation (CSR New Business Innovation and Technology)

What next?

The feedback from our customers has shown us similar trends in what they believe will help them operate their business more efficiently – through digital solutions and work tools. Innovation in the production process is becoming increasingly important as customers seek ways to make their jobs easier. The question is, should it become more of a priority for us too?

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