Find out all about how CSR is enhancing our customers’ experience by digitising the way we send our invoices.

What is it?

An email and website where you can access your invoices from the previous 24 hours.

What was it like before?

Previously, we would send you a PDF email / paper invoice / faxed invoice for every single invoice generated.

Why the changes?

  1. Improved Customer Experience – You will receive one email per account for the day for all your invoices rather than one email per invoice, reducing inbox clutter. You can now search for your invoices using your PO/Reference – making finding invoices easier than ever.
  2. Easier access to CSR Connect – When you receive the email containing a link to your invoices, you can download/print each invoice individually from the screen below. If you wish to download multiple invoices in one go, or view/sort invoices by a period of time, you can do so by signing into CSR Connect.
  3. Easier registration for CSR Connect – If your email is not registered with CSR Connect, you will be able to create an account in one click.Auto Enrol Step 1
    This makes it easier than ever to provide you with the benefits of CSR Connect – such as viewing quotes/orders/invoices, products and pricing, proof of deliveries (if available) and discounted payments to name a few.

How does the new solution work?

  1. Following the purchase of CSR products, you will receive an email stating that you’ve got an invoice/s ready for viewingInvoice Example Only
  2. From here, you simply click through to the new invoice solution (Connect Lite – part of CSR Connect’s online system), to view and download your invoices:
  3. You then have the option to either login or get access to CSR Connect depending on whether you email is registered for Connect. If you aren’t registered, you can activate a new Connect account with just a few clicks.Auto Enrol Step 1
  4. You can then login by following the link in your email:

– CSR Team

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