Earlier this year, we launched CSR’s new digital invoicing solution to enhance customer experience.

We’re all about adapting to the evolving needs of our customers; part of this adaptation process is listening to feedback and making adjustments to our services to give them the best experience possible.

So, in the last few months, we’ve made several changes to the newly launched digital invoicing system that we’re excited to share.

What feedback was received?

So far, the responses we’ve received from customers regarding these changes were overwhelmingly positive. Some constructive feedback was provided that suggested how we could further improve the experience:

– Viewing then downloading/printing each invoice individually needed too many clicks
– Security settings restricted what some customers could view when accessing the invoices
– For multiple account holders, there was some confusion over which account the invoices were for

How have we improved the system?

Based on this feedback, we’ve made a number of UX/UI (user experience and user interface design) and performance improvements to provide an even better experience. These include:

Easier and faster access to invoices

  • Provided links to access individual invoices directly from the email
  • Added the ability to print individual invoices without needing to view them
  • Added the ability to print/download all invoices in a single click and storing invoice PDFs in the cloud to improve performance by more than 10x

Self-activation for a full Connect account

  • Customers without a full Connect account can now activate a Connect profile in 1 click on their invoicing page

Improved user experience

  • Print and download support was extended across more browsers and the experience between browsers is now more consistent
  • We added the Account details section to the top of the page to make it clearer to customers which account they are dealing with

Tightened security

  • Provided a text link in the invoice email to mitigate customer security issues


Latest updates to CSR's Digital Invoicing Solution

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