Open House Melbourne

25 & 26 Jult 2015 (Free)

Open House Melbourne has been connecting people with good design and architecture in the city since 2008. Fans of architecture, building and construction will be making the annual pilgrimage to Melbourne to experience the outstanding houses, building, infrastructure and landscapes that reflect the life and history of one of Australia’s most famous destinations.

The Weekend showcases buildings of significance in a free and accessible format so everyone can experience the value of good design and architecture, and consider what makes a liveable city.

The 2015 event will feature over 100 buildings, tours, performances and special talks and is expected to attract over 135,000 people over the weekend.

If you’re unable to make the event, the Open House Melbourne project will be putting on other entertaining talks, tours, workshops and events throughout the year.

Visit the Open House Melbourne website for more:

Event Highlights

Barbicania by Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine

Directed by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, Barbicania is a feature length film capturing a month-long immersion in the life of London’s Barbican Centre and Estate. Conceived as a series of diaristic vignettes, Barbicania invites you to discover the personalities, lifestyle and architectural landscapes that make the Barbican so special. More…

Peter Maddison’s Open House Itinerary

With such a rich offering this year where do you start? Well you could do my planned itinerary. It’s based around four preeminent Architectural practices at the peak of their game and all have completed virtuoso buildings. My tour runs from North to South, starting at The Shrine and ending at the University of Melbourne. All projects are breathtaking designs. More…

Open House Melbourne x Nite Art

In response to a special commission by Open House and Nite Art, Curators Joel Stern and Danni Zuvella from Liquid Architecture bring together sonic artists in a group show, creating a sound based journey through a series of events and interventions take place in response to the surrounding architecture. More…

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