Flag your invoices for payment

If you’re anything like me, you have your own unique way of doing things – especially when it comes to paperwork. I put coloured flags in my to-do list so I know how to prioritise my time, and for my finances, I colour code which bills need to be paid first, and which ones can wait.

The design team at Connect have just implemented a new colour coding scheme for Invoices and Payments, and it’s all under your control!

When viewing your invoices you should now see a white flag in the second column. Click on the flag to change the colour coding for the invoice and choose between green, orange and red.

Use it for anything you like. Add an appropriate note for reminding yourself anything to do with the order and anyone else in your team who has access to your account can see it.

Press enter and your note is saved. See how the colours are cycled through by looking at the video below.


These flags will come in handy again on the Invoice Payment pages, enabling you to filter and display only the flags that are important to you. Click on the “All Flags” or “Flagged” button to choose the flag you would like to filter by.

That should make your work life just that little bit easier…

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