Introducing new Reports & Charts (updated)

It’s a known fact that the most successful businesses make the most of their data to make more informed predictions about opportunities for growth, optimising scheduling, increasing profitability and finding areas of weakness that can be addressed and overcome. Most of us see the incredible benefits of spending time looking over our expenses and invoices, but let’s be honest, who really has the time?

We’re excited to reveal the first step in our bigger plan to give you easy access to your business data with the release of new Reports and Charts – available now inside your Connect account.

Here’s a quick introduction to your new Reports and Charts.

Purchase History

Gain new insight into your month-by-month purchases and compare against your last year’s financials. Roll over data points in your charts to highlight specific values. You can even export your specified chart data to Excel and CSV.


Purchases by Category

Click on the data points in your Purchase History chart to drill down into the different CSR product categories you have purchased. Compare your current data against your last financial year’s data and use the date ranges for even greater control.


Purchases by Product (new!)

You can now view all of the products you have purchased within a selected date range. The chart data is automatically sorted by total dollar value ($ icon) and can be switched to display volume (scale icon) using the toggle buttons.

Roll over each bar item to see the total product volume  or product value for the current period (green bar) and compare to the same period of time last year (blue bar).


New Reporting Tab

This is just the start of a suite of new reporting tools that are coming to CSR Connect. Check the drop down menu in the future for more features and valuable insight.


Available now

The new reports and charts are now available to all CSR Connect customers. Simply log in to your account to see your reports or register here for a new account.

3 Great Reasons to Start Using CSR Connect


Get quotes to your customers faster

Impress your clients with a quick turn around on your unique custom pricing. Available at any time through your private online account.

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Make credit card payments in CSR Connect and get exclusive access to our special 0.5% transaction fee (0% on EFT).

Get instant access 24/7 to…

your invoices, account balances, statements, pricing and more.

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