CSR Connect for Viridian

Attention Viridian customers! It’s time for you to meet your new digital companion. Save time and lighten your workload with CSR Connect.

If you’re an Australian Viridian customer, keep an eye out for your email invitation to CSR Connect, or complete the details on the registration page and we’ll set it up for you.

CSR Connect exists to help make your workload lighter. It’s a handy application to keep in your toolkit and you can access it wherever or whenever you need it. Access it on any web device or download it for your iOS devices for convenient access.

With CSR Connect, you can:

1. View and download your invoices and statements

View and download your invoices and statements

Looking for a particular invoice or statement? Don’t spend hours chasing them up and waiting for them to arrive. You can now view and download your documents with a click of a button. All available instantly!

Need to flag an invoice for future reference? No problem, you can do that too on CSR Connect. It’s a great way of keeping track of your invoices and categorising them according to your needs. Find out more here.

2. Check your account balance

Check your account balance

Get a quick hold of your financials on CSR Connect and view your current and historical monthly account balances. You can even export your balances, invoices and statements to a spreadsheet. It’s incredibly handy for your own analysis and reporting.

3. Grant others access to your Connect account

With CSR Connect, you can grant other people in your business access to your account. This means your colleagues and workmates will be able to get access to everything they need.

4. Access your account anywhere, anytime!

Access your account anywhere, anytime, 24/7!

CSR Connect works on any web device. Access the service 24/7 on any desktop, tablet and mobile device. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can also download the Connect application for free in the App store.

5. Get updated on the latest and greatest

Get updated on the latest and greatest

CSR Connect is constantly evolving to accommodate your needs. Keep an eye out for more great features including online payments and ordering. Bookmark our blog or follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages to get updated on the latest and greatest features. Your feedback and opinions are important to us, so be sure to keep in touch!

If you’ve ever experienced the pressure of having to manage your business and keep track of all your documents, then CSR Connect is exactly what you need to get organised. We take care of the digital side of things so you can get cracking on the important stuff, like building great masterpieces.

Make the most of what’ll be your best digital companion:

CSR Connect now available to download in the App Store

Get CSR Connect on your iOS device

Convenience now comes in the form of a shiny new iOS application. Download the CSR Connect app for your iPhone and iPad for convenient access 24/7.

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