CHECK OUT: Fastest Roof Spacer for Concealed Fixed Roofs with Bradford SpacerX

Bradford SpacerX is a patented roof spacer system for concealed fixed roofs. SpacerX improves speed of construction by allowing the spacer and the concealed roof clip to be assembled with around half the number of fasteners, and is the fastest roof spacer for concealed fixed roofs.

Bradford SpacerX

Why is SpacerX the fastest roof spacer for concealed fixed roofs?

Less Crane Lifts onto the Roof and Easier to Carry off the Pallet – SpacerX is compact for storage and delivers more lineal metres of spacer per pallet than any other system on the market. Lightweight and compact, without any cardboard packaging, SpacerX can be effortlessly carried for laying onto the roof.

Quickly Connects and Self-Aligns – No clipping or locking is required to securely and quickly connect SpacerX bars. SpacerX bars can be easily inserted into the previous bar to connect, and will always self-align to previous bar.

Vertical, Centre Fix on Top Face for Fasteners – Pre-punched holes and slots are centred on the top profile, which means direct access for the drill, and the fastener can be fixed directly to the purlin at no angles and reduce risk to miss the purlin.

Only 3 Screws to Fasten Clip and Spacer Directly to the Purlin – SpacerX can be fastened to the purlin along with the concealed clip with one set of screws altogether, requiring around half the number of fasteners compared to other concealed roof systems on the market. SpacerX is also versatile and can accommodate most 700mm concealed fixed roofing profiles.

Fast Start and Fast Finish – Starting a run of SpacerX is easy with custom designed Start Blocks that can be quickly lined up and aligned to the roof sheet line, even non-parallel fascia roofs. Finishing is also easy as SpacerX can just be over-lapped without the need to shorten spacers with a grinder to finish the roof.

To see why SpacerX is the fastest roof spacer system, watch the video below for a comparative study conducted by CSR Bradford to compare the installation time required to install the SpacerX system against four other roof spacer systems in the market; Ashgrid, Roof RazorTM, Roof Rack® and Aldeck.

Suitable for non-cyclonic and cyclonic applications, SpacerX is available in 4 sizes; 40mm, 60mm, 80mm and 120mm, to help achieve the required BCA total roof system R-Value. For more information or to order SpacerX, contact your Bradford representative.

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