FAQs for the CSR Connect Customer Feedback Loop

Why should I join the Customer Feedback Loop?

The Customer Feedback Loop gives you the chance to directly influence changes to CSR Connect by voicing what you like, and what you don’t like, about the platform. We’re always looking for ways to make managing your CSR accounts as quick and easy as possible. You could get hours back in your day just by letting us know what to change about the features you use the most.

What will you do with my feedback?

Your feedback is used to plan future updates to the platform, and determine the success of the changes that have already been made. If the feedback of a new feature or update is negative, we may roll back to the original version or make changes to ensure the updated version is useful to you.

How often will CSR contact me in regards to the Customer Feedback Loop?

We will contact you when there is a major update to the platform and give you the option to test new features and provide feedback. This occurs at most once a month.

How will CSR contact me about the Customer Feedback Loop?

You will be contacted via in-app prompt when you are logged into CSR Connect, email or phone.

Will my feedback be made public or used in marketing material?

We will contact you to get consent before making any of your feedback public or using it in marketing material. You may decline for your feedback to be used and still remain in the Customer Feedback Loop.

If your feedback is used only your first name will be made public.

Can I opt out of the Customer Feedback Loop?

Absolutely. You may opt out of the Customer Feedback Loop at any time by emailing us here.

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