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There’s only so much time in your day, so every minute you save, equals extra cash in your pocket. Imagine how much more you could achieve by reducing the time it takes to place an order. What else could you do with that free time? Ask yourself this:

Do you find yourself ordering the same products over and over again?

Are inaccurate orders creating a lot of waste in your business?

What if you could reduce the time it takes to place an order down to a minute?

Well, you can do it right now, with the brand new, redesigned, super-modified, turbo charged, CSR Connect online ordering process.


Online Favourites

Online Favourites is a collection of templates, made up of your most commonly ordered products. When you create an order in your Connect account you can now save it as a favourite to be used again whenever you need it.

Simply choose from your saved online favourites, make one or two adjustments to the product quantities and the order is ready to placed. How easy is that?

Greater Accuracy

Inaccurate orders can lead to a lot of waste; a waste of products, a waste of money and a big waste of your time. Fiddly paperwork, crossed lines of communication and human error can lead to short deliveries and wastage. With the new Connect online ordering process, you are in complete control over your products and quantities.

Easier Product Browsing

Finding your way through the jungle of CSR products has been more than a bit cumbersome in the past with Connect. We’ve completely overhauled the way you search and find products, making sure that you find what you need quickly and easily.

Most Ordered Products

CSR Connect also now gives you your 20 Most Ordered Products for quick reference to add to your order.

Stay More Organised

It’s now easier to add, edit and remove products from your order, and you can also drag and drop products into a more logical sequence.

Plus, you can break your order into more logical components by adding TEXT labels to separate and organise products. Type into the “Add items search bar” and click the ADD AS TEXT LINE button, and then click-and-drag the labels up-and-down the order.

Need Inspiration?

Need inspiration? Here are a couple of common order types that you can turn into order favourites:

  1. Single story house lot
  2. Double story house lot
  3. Ceiling make over
  4. Bathroom make over
  5. Routine stock order

Why would you change the way you’re currently doing things?

We get it – you’ve got a process of placing orders so trying something new feels like too much hard work. It all comes down to two things: how much you value your time and do you want to reduce waste and have more profit per job. If the answer is yes, then we encourage you to take a couple of hours out of your day to create a few core Order Favourites. You’ll get to experience our new easier to use product order interface and once your favourites are setup, you’ll save hours per month not having to create orders from scratch, every time you win a job.

Spend a few minutes setting up your Online Favourites once and you’ll save many, many hours over the course of your business life.

The all new Online Order tools are available now in your CSR Connect account. If you’re ready to reduce the amount of admin in your business, you can register here for your own CSR Connect account.

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